Bungalook Nursery - then and now

Plant stock thriving prior to the installation of new benches..

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The first stage of the ephemeral wetlands to the west of the nursery. Run-off water drains into a small creek, home of the Striped Marsh Frog.

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Paving and gravel
Volunteers spent many days laying paving in front of the igloo and the shade house, and installing drainage and laying down more gravel in the shade house.

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A new cover over the media bin
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A rainwater tank
A 10,000 litre water tank with pump has been installed, it was partially funded by Whitehorse City Council.
Rain water collected from office and work shed roofs will be used for hand watering during very hot weather and other times as required.

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Improvements over the years

New Benches
They make working is so much easier for our volunteers. No more bending !

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Recycling at its best. Old school tables also make wonderful new benches.!

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Celebrating 21 years - 1987 -2008
"How NIPP came into being & then became WCIPP Inc."

A young Geoff Lodge (son of Alan) wanted to plant local indigenous species in Creeklands, Blackburn as part of his studies at Burnley.
Cr. Wendy Reid assisted in obtaining a Bi-centenary Grant to establish a community indigenous plant nursery to grow indigenous species for Creeklands & other bushland parks in the area.
In 1999 NIPP became Incorporated and the name was changed to WCIPP.
Some photos taken at the celebration BBQ on 26th Oct 2008

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Thanks to a grant of $250 from the Blackburn and District Environment Protection Fund, Bungalook volunteers enjoy much needed shade while relaxing at morning tea time or on special occasion lunches.

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Filming at Bungalook
[L] A crew of students from Monash University, commissioned by Whitehorse Council to promote volunteering, spent a happy morning at Bungalook. -- [R] Three of our volunteers load up plants for the nearby Raingarden.

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Bungalook Nursery nestling into Wurundjeri Walk parkland

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