WCIPP began as the Nunawading Indigenous Plant Project (NIPP) which originated with a Bi-centenary Grant in 1988, with the aim of propagating plants indigenous to the Nunawading municipality from seed collected in the area.

In 1999 NIPP became Incorporated (for the relevant Rules see here: WCIPP RULES) and the name was changed to Whitehorse Community Indigenous Plant Project Inc. (WCIPP). The nursery was located at the rear of the Horticultural Centre in Jolimont Road, Forest Hill.

With extensive help and funding from Whitehorse City Council, plus grants from various organisations and our own years of savings WCIPP moved to its own site at which time we also finalised a name for the nursery, "Bungalook" a Wurundjeri word for Stringybark (Eucalyptus macrorhyncha).

WCIPP/Bungalook continues to receive support from Whitehorse Council. The nursery is being run by a committee, which is formed by representatives from Bushland Parks Committees of Whitehorse and the wider community.


The purposes of the Whitehorse Community Indigenous Plant Project (the ‘Association') are:-

1. To propagate plants indigenous to the City of Whitehorse from locally provenanced material.
2. To provide plants for bushland parks, other reserves, the general community, local and state government authorities for planting within the Whitehorse region.
3. To encourage an appreciation in the community of the importance of indigenous flora.
4. To maintain a close working relationship with the Advisory Committees of the bushland parks of the City of Whitehorse.
5. To co-operate with other relevant environmental, conservation and sustainability groups in order to further the association's objectives.

Nursery Volunteer Activities

You can help at the nursery by learning how to:-
Propagate indigenous plants from seeds and cuttings.
Prepare plants for distribution
Maintain the igloo and nursery facilities.

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