Some plants of the Whitehorse (Victoria, Australia) area.

The following list is a sample of the range of plants indigenous to this region which are grown at the nursery.

The following are species we TRY to grow given the season and availability of seed and cuttings.
Please ask – we may have a few other species from time to time
Note: there have been many name changes recently

Botanical Name Common Name Characteristics
Acacia paradoxa Hedge Wattle Bushy; prickly; birds; yellow balls spring.
Acacia stricta Hop Wattle Upright; bluish foliage; pale yellow balls spring.
Acacia verticillata Prickly Moses Short, sharp needles; lemon rods winter/spring.
Bursaria spinosa Sweet Bursaria Variable woody shrub to small tree; fragrant flowers in summer
Callistemon sieberi River Bottlebrush Open to dense weeping; small cream bottlebrushes; moist.
Goodia lotifolia Golden-tip Open shrub; clover-like leaves; yellow pea flowers in spring.
Kunzea leptospermoides Yarra Burgan Dense; masses sm white flowers in summer.
Leptospermum continentale Prickly Tea-tree Erect; small leaves/sharp point; white flowers spring/summer.
Melaleuca ericifolia Swamp Paperbark Small cream brushes spring/summer.
Melicytus dentatus Tree Violet Spiny; narrow leaves; moist; yellow flowers in spring.
Ozothamnus ferrugineus Tree Everlasting Understorey; moist; white flowers spring/summer.
Olearia lirata Snowy Daisy-bush Erect; leaves whitish below; masses daisy flowers spring
Prostanthera lasianthos Victorian Christmas-bush Aromatic leaf; purple-spotted white flowers summer.
Viminaria juncea Golden Spray Weeping sprays yellow pea flowers spring/summer.

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