Some plants of the Whitehorse (Victoria, Australia) area.

The following list is a sample of the range of plants indigenous to this region which are grown at the nursery.

The following are species we TRY to grow given the season and availability of seed and cuttings.
Please ask – we may have a few other species from time to time
Note: there have been many name changes recently

Botanical Name Common Name Characteristics
Acacia genistifolia Spreading Wattle Fast-growing; prickly; bird refuge; open spreading; long flowering.
Acacia myrtifolia Myrtle Wattle Dense; oval leaves; yellow balls winter.
Cassinia aculeata Dogwood Narrow dark leaves; white flower heads summer.
Cassinia arcuata Drooping Cassinia Narrow/short leaves; shiny brown drooping flowers summer
Cassinia longifolia Shiny Cassinia Erect; narrow leaves; off-white flowers summer.
Coprosma quadrifida Prickly Currant-bush Small leaves; insignificant white flowers spring; small red fruit.
Correa reflexa Common Correa Attractive to birds; green bell flowers spring.
Goodenia ovata Hop Goodenia Tough; prune to shapes; yellow flowers spring/summer
Indigofera australis Austral Indigo Slender; fern-like leaves; mauve flowers spring.
Spyridium parvifolium Dusty Miller Bushy; oval leaves whitish below; small white flowers spring.

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