Some plants of the Whitehorse (Victoria, Australia) area.

The following list is a sample of the range of plants indigenous to this region which are grown at the nursery.

The following are species we TRY to grow given the season and availability of seed and cuttings.
Please ask - we may have a few other species from time to time
Note: there have been many name changes recently

Botanical Name Common Name Characteristics
Billardiera mutabilis Common Apple-berry Low climber; bell shaped flowers; light green berries
Clematis aristata Austral Clematis Oval leaflets; twining branches; starry white flowers then silky, fluffy seeds.
Clematis microphylla Small-leaved Clematis similar; but three narrow leaflets. Mature plants are very strong.
Glycine clandestina Twining Glycine Delicate twining creeper to 2m; trifoliate leaves; small bluish-mauve pea flowers spring-summer.
Hardenbergia violacea Purple Coral Pea Creeper/ground cover; oval leaves; pea flowers spring.
Kennedia prostrata Running Postman Trailing perennial; scarlet pea-flowers
Pandorea pandorana ssp. Pandorana Wonga Vine Scrambler or climber 6+ m.; tubular creamy-white flowers
Rubus parvifolius Small-leaf Bramble Woody, thorny, scrambling; pink flower, small raspberry fruit.

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